Nathalie Francisci



Growing numbers of directors are showing up at meetings armed with tablets. Some boards of directors even equip all their members with tablets, eliminating huge amounts of paper. They are also beginning to set up iCloud-sharing infrastructure. However, when it comes to social media, many directors still see this as a step too far. What is holding them back? Is it fear, misunderstanding or lack of training? Boards should act to overcome the digital reticence of some of their members, by providing effective social-media training and adopting policies to help them avoid missteps. Boards should be proactive in this regard.
It is essential for directors to know what is being said about their organizations on these platforms, for senior management may be very “connected.” Some crises are managed (or even generated) on social networks, and a growing number of CEOs have their own blogs. Some directors just don’t know what is being said about their organizations; but it is one of the responsibilities of a Web 2.0 director to inform oneself about what is being said.

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